Hi!  My name is Marcy and I am SO glad you are visiting my site!

A bit about me…..

I am married to the love of my life and high school sweetheart.

I have 3 wonderful sons, a dog, and a cat.

We have recently relocated back “home” to the Midwest after being on the East Coast for 16 yrs.

I love cooking, reading, watching musicals, watching anything & everything that my sons may be participating in (Drama, Music, Sports),  and taking long family walks with our family dog.

I love my morning coffee strong- Starbucks is my fav!

For years, I have believed that there must be other ways to help myself and my family be healthier without the use of synthetically made medicine. I am a huge believer in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and Traditional Medicine working together to maintain optimal health. So my search began on finding a way to maintain our health in a “Natural Way”.

What my research showed and what “makes sense” to me is Essential Oils (EO), specifically Young Living. EO’s are extracted from plants and most medicines are based on plants, so it “makes sense” that I would go directly to the source- the plant to help maintain our health.  I admit I am still learning about EO’s and would LOVE it if you joined me on my journey using Essential “Oil’s 1 Drop At A Time.”

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