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Are you ready to start your journey and helping your family reach and maintain their  health and wellness?

Young Living offers both a Retail or a Wholesale Memberships, and neither require a monthly order. The primary difference is that the Wholesale Membership gives 24% off retail pricing, and you are able to purchase a starter kit. These are the best value for your money.

The most cost effective way to get started is to enroll with a starter kit.  There are several starter kits to choose from, but I started with the Premium Starter Kit.  This kit will get you the most versatile oils, your own wholesale account and save you 24% off retail pricing.

This is a great value at only $150 you get 11 essential oils plus a diffuser and several samples of the top 5 oils and Ningxia Red. 


  •  Order Oils Here by clicking “Click Here To Enroll” here button and follow the instructions:

  • enroll-button-cursive


Instructions to fill out the signup form for the Premium Starter Kit:

  • 1. Choose Country2. Choose Wholesale Member3. Fill in your personal information  (social security is required for wholesale members as a federal regulation for tax purposes; however, if you never sell anything your SSN will not be used)

    4. Create your username and pin (be sure and write this information down)

    5. Select Premium Starter Kit ($150)  If you want the starter kit with the eleven oils and home diffuser, make sure that is the one you choose.  There is another Premium Starter Kit that comes with NingXia Nitro, but it does not include the home diffuser.

    6. Pick your Essential Rewards Kit (Scroll below the pictures and choose “No thank you.”) Click “next.” If you would like to add any other products to your order, you can do so on the next page.

    7. Enter payment information

    Signup Troubleshooting

    If you tried to sign up on an iPad or other mobile device, sometimes the screen goes blank when hitting the ‘Submit’ button and your order does not complete.  If this happens, you can contact the Young Living customer service department at 1-800-371-2515.   I would suggest the call back option to avoid a long on hold wait time.

    Or, instead of calling, you can follow these simple steps…If this is the case and you are still trying to complete your purchase, here’s what you would need to do…

    1. Go to www. youngliviing.org and log in with your username or member ID and password you created

    2. Go to the “Order” link on the left side of the screen

    3. FInd the Premium starter kis and simply add it to your cart

    4. Complete your checkout and you should be set!

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